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Q: If you’re a startup site, how can you get top visibility on search engines?
A: Own one content topic

When your site is small, you might wonder how you can get good traffic from the search engines. This is a very common concern. The prevalent thinking

Content topic

Content topic, photo credit: Pleuntje, licensed under Creative Commons,

is that traffic leads to high ranking, which leads to more traffic, and a virtuous circle ensues, no matter the content topic in question. But this is almost a chicken and egg problem. Which do you start with – ranking or traffic?

In fact, the answer is neither. Start with content, specifically, one content topic.

You’re starting your site because you feel like you have something important to say. And nine times out of ten, you see a specific problem that you want to address. Most likely, you are either an entrepreneur targeting an industry, or you come from that industry directly. So whether through past experience or through a startup journey you’re starting now, you’ll probably become very familiar with this content topic over time. Either way, you’re becoming an expert.

That makes your opinion about this content topic valuable!

Read this piece from Search Engine Watch about how small sites can beat large ones in search results. The key message is effectively this:

Start with one content topic, master it, and build out from there!

This probably doesn’t seem like rocket science, because it isn’t! It’s actually just common sense. Write about what you know about. Spread that message. Generate some links by letting people know about your content. Keep building from there.

It’s an iterative process, like everything else you’re doing in your startup. So keep at it, keep plugging away. Focus on your content, your topic, and your approach. You can beat those larger sites with specific deep knowledge and focus.

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