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Startup services to help you succeed

Entiviti focuses on helping you with the most crucial services for your startup. We have been through five startups, two exits, two implosions, and one walk-away. We’ve learned our fair share of lessons are

Startup services offered:

  • Customer development: If you need to validate your business hypothesis, using the lean startup methodology, contact us. We’ve done customer development on several of the startups that we’ve helped.
  • Business development: For startups that have already validated their business model, but need some part-time or shared cost business development, Entiviti can help. For our customers, we’ve done direct sales, channel development and partner negotiations.
  • Market entry: Entiviti specializes in helping startups go international. We have staff with language skills in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Finnish. We have helped German startups get into the US, Singapore startups get into the US and Latin America, and China startups get into the US. Our market entry skills are not limited to language, though. We also help our customers understand how their product, marketing and positioning may need to change in other markets.
  • Product management: We have helped numerous startups go through lean product development, coupled with customer development, to deliver minimum viable products (MVPs) as the first few versions of their product.

Entiviti specializes in helping customers with the right, targeted blend of startup services for early stage, launch, and first international efforts. Come to us and we will be sure to put you on the path to success.


Entering startup? Time to get startup services?

Entering startup? Time to get startup services?

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