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Looking for resources to help with your startup?

Working on startups is hard. Resources are at a premium. You’re short on time, short on money, and short on answers. You make a ton of assumptions about how your business can and should work.

Lack of startup resources

Don’t see startup resources here, do you? via

Where do you start? What’s working and what’s not working? How do I balance my time?

Entiviti offers a set of startup resources designed to help you succeed.

We know that launching a new service or product is scary. It will take perseverance, determination, hard work, smarts, flexibility and luck. What we try to do, is to maximize your chances, and help you do more with less. Here are some of the specific tools we offer, designed to help you through the startup process:

  1. The Startup Cheat Sheet
    Do you want a quick, DIY roadmap for testing out your hypothesis and startup’s viability before you event launch a product? Look no further.
  2. Meditation for entrepreneurs
    When you’re working on a startup project, you need personal balance in your life, more than at any other time. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of letting business take over every waking hour. But to make yourself truly productive, sometimes you need to some time out. Your brain needs a break, as it were. Meditation is a great way of disengaging for a brief moment, and helping you return to work recharged and more effective than ever. Our meditation can also help you ride out the roller coaster of emotions that you may feel. Self-doubt, apathy and anger are very common feelings for entrepreneurs. Guided meditations are very helpful to get through the tough times.
  3. The $100 startup review
    You’re wondering if your startup has “legs”, or if it has a chance to succeed. We know. We’ve been there with dozens of startups worth of experience across our team. We have the tools and the insight to cut through all the noise you might be hearing, and give you an honest assessment of where things look good, and where you have challenges. In this review, you will ‘pitch’ to us for 20 minutes, and we will spend the remaining time giving you constructive, actionable feedback to help you improve your startup. This is one of the most cost-effective startup resources you will ever find.
  4. Startup strategic analysis
    Yes, we admit it. We have MBAs in our team. For $500-$1000, we will spend 1-2 days analyzing your startup on a number of the most widely used and relevant analysis tools, such as SWOT, dialectic method, 5 forces, magic quadrant versus your competitors, business model canvas and more. We will spend 1-2 hours with you to kick off the project, and deliver at the end of the engagement.
  5. Improv for entrepreneurs
    In every conversation you have, whether with a potential customer, investor or partner, you are pitching. You will get challenging questions. One of the most important skills you need is the ability to think on your feet and deliver convincing, confident responses. Improv is the skill to help you thrive. We run a 4-week or 8-week improvisation training course specifically targeted at entrepreneurs running startups. Contact us for more information these courses. We can also deliver these startup resources in a condensed, intensive, 1-2 day session for you, your incubator, your portfolio companies, or just a group of interested folks.

For all of these startup resources, please contact us and we will gladly get started helping you succeed now!

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