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In my career, I’ve been involved in many startups, including as:

  1. Solo founder
  2. Cofounder
  3. Advisor
  4. Investor (2 small angel investments made)
  5. Early employee
  6. Late employee
  7. Consultant / contractor

I love my consulting work. I love the excitement of it. I love the mental challenge. Many times, I’m brought in to work with companies as they face a new challenge. As an example, I’m currently helping a company that is entering a new industry, and is developing a new team and a playbook for going after that industry. It’s a fun challenge.

I also love being involved with projects where I have a lot of ownership (literal equity or figurative influence and responsibility). And sometimes I get involved in projects to the extent of really attaching myself to them on a long-term basis. This is the case with FlockData, the most powerful data integration software I’ve ever seen.

FlockData, data integration software

FlockData, data integration software

So stay tuned for more information about FlockData! It’s been a great start, getting out and talking to customers. The FlockData blog is going to chronicle a lot of the journey. We haven’t been as active as I would like, but we’ll try to do better. We’ve been focusing on posting content that explains the challenge we’re trying to solve with FlockData.┬áBut we’ll be sure to start adding more information about software updates, business and company progress, and our team as it grows.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about how FlockData can help your organization bring information together from various sources.


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