Products – the foundation of a business

Any company needs certain products to run, whether it’s software, hardware, or even just food and beverage, you can’t get away from products. Entiviti is currently representing the following products on behalf of our customers.

We focus on helping companies in the following spaces only:

The current products under development match all three of those criteria.

FlockData (now available!):

FlockData is a revolutionary service that helps customers track all data across an organization.  Whether your data is in relational database tables, unstructured documents, disjointed databases (on other, remote systems), in log files, corporate intranet or wherever the data is, FlockData can capture it, automatically apply the most common and relevant indexing to it, and find data associations that you didn’t even know existed. In its first month of deployment, FlockData was able to help a national rail carrier find $70,000 worth of cost savings by exposing under-utilized assets within the company. FlockData cuts through noise and shows insight.

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