Improv class kicking off

Our first improv for business class is kicking off, starting Monday, May 18. The venue is the office at 950 N Washington St, Suite 306, Alexandria, VA 22314.

This class will run 4 sessions, so 4 weeks in total. The cost is $20/session. Sign up and get tickets at our SimpleTix site!

Class structure:

  1. First session: Introductions and fundamentals
    In this class, we’ll cover some basics to get all participants comfortable with the basics of improv: tracking energy flow, starting with conflict, building energy, offer and acceptance
  2. Second session: Expanding on basics and preparing for individual work
    We’ll build on the basics of improv and work on both group and one-on-one interactions. We’ll also learn basic techniques for managing Q&A.
  3. Third session: Practice presentations
    We’ll do a number of rounds of practice presentations, based on classmates’ suggestions. We’ll also do sample Q&A and panel discussions.
  4. Last session: Presentations and pitching!
    This is the one exception to pure improv. You’ll come ready to pitch your own business or project. We’ll give you tough questions, and you’ll roll with it, based on what you’ve learned so far in the classes.

Note that some sessions are subject to change day/time due to scheduling. Currently, no changes are anticipated.

Update: This post was updated on May 11 with class details.

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