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More news about FlockData

FlockData, the data integration that I’ve been working with, is progressing along a normal startup progression scale. This means that it’s getting built, with a mix of customer success and setbacks. We’ve been talking with customers in a wide range

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Sharing info about FlockData

In my career, I’ve been involved in many startups, including as:

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What VCs look for in a startup exec

What does it really take to be a startup exec? Being a startup exec is hard. I’ve done it 4 times, with mixed results. I’ll tell you one thing that I’ve written about before – you learn more from failure

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Founders often hurt their own best interests

Founders. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you are one. I’ve been part of the group of founders of 4 startups. 1 was acqhired. 1 exited via a tech licensing buyout. 1 burned through €18M in venture capital. 1

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Why Founders Fail – TechCrunch on The Product CEO Paradox

If you’re a founder, building a startup, ask yourself a question. Are you a product CEO? Do all startup founders fail at some point? Which founders will fail and why? In our work at Entiviti, we help startups. We help

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Startup sites – own one content topic

Q: If you’re a startup site, how can you get top visibility on search engines? A: Own one content topic When your site is small, you might wonder how you can get good traffic from the search engines. This is

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Does Google control your startups future?

All companies struggle to get noticed. Startups struggle even more. To that point, Google is the number one tool that startups turn to? But does Google wield too much power over your future and your marketing efforts?

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The DC startup ecosystem in 2013 – a year of growth!

The DC startup ecosystem has become strategically important for Entiviti. But what does that mean for the DC startup ecosystem as a whole? 2013 was certainly a year of explosive growth for startups. With billion dollar acquisitions, near-record levels of

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Use Google Plus to get better search result placement

Everyone wants to be found. But in a crowded web, how do you increase the chances of being found? Try Google Plus. It’s free. Unless you’ve been avoiding the web for the past decade, you’ve probably come across at least

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Where is entiviti?

Entiviti’s location Entiviti works globally. We serve customers in 5 countries at the time of the writing of this post. However, a big part of our services centers around our understanding of markets in different parts of the world. To

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