Anatomy of an effective white paper

A white paper is a great way of sharing information The web is full of content. Some content is good; some is a waste of time. As users of the web, we are constantly trying to filter good content from

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The DC startup ecosystem in 2013 – a year of growth!

The DC startup ecosystem has become strategically important for Entiviti. But what does that mean for the DC startup ecosystem as a whole? 2013 was certainly a year of explosive growth for startups. With billion dollar acquisitions, near-record levels of

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Use Google Plus to get better search result placement

Everyone wants to be found. But in a crowded web, how do you increase the chances of being found? Try Google Plus. It’s free. Unless you’ve been avoiding the web for the past decade, you’ve probably come across at least

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Small business reviews – how they can help you

You run a business. You should probably monitor your business reviews online. We all know about Yelp. Many know about Angie’s list. But can you name the other 100+ business reviews’ sites? That gets very difficult, very quick. And the

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PR strategy that gets you more coverage than SEO

You can learn a PR strategy or two that just might help Occasionally, if you’re lucky, a piece of content you write will pop onto the radar or some mainstream publication. They’ll pick it up, lots of users will see

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Saas Cohort analysis

What can we learn about our customers? Is there a good way to do SaaS cohort analysis? SaaS is a different type of business than traditional software. Let’s do a quick comparison: Christoph Janz has a great post that digs

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Where is entiviti?

Entiviti’s location Entiviti works globally. We serve customers in 5 countries at the time of the writing of this post. However, a big part of our services centers around our understanding of markets in different parts of the world. To

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Hacking a startup ecosystem

If you move to a new town, you might find that you need or want to meet people locally. There are differing opinions, like my friend Derek, who advocates a global mindset. We at Entiviti find that there are benefits

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Hummingbird, and SEO for startups

Here at Entiviti, we work with a lot of companies just launching products. One of the biggest questions they ask is, “How is anyone going to find this product?”. SEO is the answer, but more specifically, SEO for startups. SEO

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A simple guide to running your business

The noted investor and entrepreneur James Altucher posted a piece on running a business on TechCrunch. The piece got a lot of positive reviews, but we took issue with some of the points raised in it.

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